exo- prefix – external; from outside.

The Exo GUI


  • Procfile and Docker Compose compatible process manager.

  • Terminal commands and browser-based-GUI for all functionality.

  • Multiplexed, colorizing log tailing. Toggle visibility of individual logs.

  • Dynamic process supervision: create, start, stop, restart, delete.

Getting Started

Install exo:

curl -sL | bash

If you prefer manual installation, see ./doc/ for details, including uninstall instructions.

Navigate to your code directory and then launch the exo gui:

exo gui

To use exo as a drop-in replacement for foreman or docker-compose, use run instead:

exo run

This will work automatically with your Procfile, compose.yaml, or similarly named manifest files. The run command also accepts an explicit filename, if you have multiple configurations to choose from.

For more, checkout the exo guide, watch some videos or consult the builtin help by running exo help.


Feel free to open an issue, start a discussion, or pop-in to our #exo Slack channel.


exo collects limited and anonymous telemetry data by default. This behavior can be disabled by adding the following setting to your exo config (located at ~/.exo/config.toml by default):

disable: true