Compose files are a standard for the definition of multi-container platform-agnostic applications. The standard originated with Docker Compose.

The simplest and most common Docker Compose workflow is the up command:

docker-compose up

The analogous command with exo is run:

exo run

Both with Docker Compose and exo, this will start all the services defined in your compose file and then tail their logs until interrupted. If you prefer "detached mode" (via the --detach or -d flags), the analogous exo command is apply:

exo apply

Most Docker Compose commands have an analogous exo command, often with the same name! Peruse exo help for a list.

Please note that Compose compatibility in exo is currently experimental, and not all features are supported yet. However, most simple Compose files should work as they do with Docker Compose. If you encounter something that doesn't work, please let us know! We're working hard to acheive feature parity.


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