Command Line Interface


For typical projects with an existing manifest file in any supported format, exo init will do the right thing on first use automatically. You can manage processes and view logs in your browser via exo gui.

If you've got multiple manifests (such as different manifests for each of dev and test), or if you generally prefer command line interfaces, a typical workflow looks something like this:

# Initialize a new workspace in the current directory.
exo init

# Apply a manifest to start it's processes.
exo apply ./

# Tail logs in your terminal.
exo logs

# Or only specific processes.
exo logs api worker

# Manipulate individual processes.
exo stop worker
exo restart api

# Switch to a different configuration by applying a different manifest.
exo apply ./compose.test.yaml

# Shutdown everything and cleanup state when you're done.
exo workspace destroy

# If you're very, very done and don't want exo running anymore.
exo exit

More Resources

  • Builtin documentation: Run exo help or try passing --help to any subcommand.

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